What to Expect from Hackathons: So Much More Than Just Tech

Hackathons and startups aren't all about tech!

Peter Laurie
Director, Junta & Mentor, River City Labs
About This Event

There's a real temptation to think that new ventures and startups are all purely about new technology, and that the technology is the hard part. The reality is that it is not the case.

The truly hard part of building a new thing is working out *which* new thing to build, not how to build it. People who have experience in how things were done and how they could be done bring the vast majority of the value to these events.

Join Peter as he takes us through how to approach a hackathon, bring all your skills to the table, and to build something really valuable.

You'll learn:

What to expect from the hackathon

How to create an MVP (including the different types of MVPs)

Whether you should or can create something, and whether people will actually pay for it

How to experiment efficiently

How to cut through the jargon

Critical analysis of information (cutting through other people's opinions)

That you don't have to be a stereotypical youth in jeans, sneakers, and a blazer to be a successful entrepreneur!

July 9, 2020
10:00 am
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