How to Develop a Resilient Supply Chain in a Recovering Economy

How to design and manage a resilient inbound supply chain from domestic and international sources.

Kieran Heinze
Leading Expert on Supply Chain, Risk & Procurement
About This Event

As we enter into the economic recovery phase of the pandemic, self-reliance is becoming an increasingly hot topic, and one of the most difficult areas to achieve this is arguably in relation to Australia's inbound supply chain.

While Australia is lucky enough to be self-reliant for primary agricultural produce, vast swathes of the Australian economy are exposed to international supply chains consisting of goods, services, people, IP and data. This even includes to a large degree the packaging that our primary agricultural production is put into when it's sold in supermarkets.

While 100% supply chain self-reliance would be great, it's also impractical and uneconomic. Whether we like it or not, globalism is here to stay. In an economic recovery focussed on improving self-reliance, it's important to take a risk-based approach. Even with an increase in domestic value-added manufacturing, if raw or unfinished materials continue to be sourced from third-countries, our risk exposure hasn't actually reduced one bit.

In this presentation, Kieran will discuss how to design and manage a resilient inbound supply chain which on-shores those parts that can and should be on-shored, but also creates a reliable and risk-managed supply chain where capacity, capability, capital and IP constraints means upstream international reliance persists.



July 10, 2020
10:00 am
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